Caught with my sister

Because of the heat we all wear more light clothing. I’m Tom and I just turned 18, my sister Iris is 18. Iris is really a beautiful girl to look at, blond, slim and has a well-filled blouse. Our stepparents were away for a day, and we just had to enjoy ourselves. We went to a pool this morning, Berckendonck in Helmond. Just relaxed we cycled there. We found a nice spot and took off our outerwear. Iris had put on all her bikini at home and I also put on my swimming trunks. But the sun wasn’t really shining brightly, yet it was pleasantly warm.

Iris asked me to rub her back, sure girl, I’ll do that for you. She loosened the strap on her top and I started rubbing her back. She was lying on her belly and I could see the side of her breasts. Lovely you do that, she said, do you want to do my legs too?. In the meantime I had gotten certain thoughts, what would she look like topless, or completely naked. The sight of her beautiful ass did something to me, I got quite excited by that sight. At noon we drove home again, it was getting stuffy and we wanted to stay in the shade at home. She took off her dress and walked nicely in her bikini, I also took off everything and in my swimming trunks we sat under a tree in our garden. Did you like it, to rub my back, she asked. Sure, you do, I answered. She started to smile, I’ve seen it, you got a stiff one. I couldn’t deny that. Would you like to rub me again, and while she said that she pulled the band off her top. The back is already done, now the front. Two perky tits I got to see, nice nipples and they quickly became hard. Well, where is the sunscreen?. I hurried to get it, carefully I put a dash on her belly, and started rubbing it in. After a few minutes I was told, so were my tits, or should they burn. Another dash of cream, and I started rubbing her tits. That felt great, her stiff nipples got an extra turn. My legs too, I was told, and careful not to smear her pants full of sunburn, I got going.

In my swimming trunks there was a huge stiff, and I went to great lengths to hide it. I will take off my bottoms, otherwise it will get too greasy, she got up and took off her hate bikini bottoms. Muscularly naked she stood in front of me, I saw a nice bald pussy and she turned around a few times so I could look at her. Grease my buttocks as well, and I fulfilled her wish. I already knew she was horny as hell, her pussy was glistening with fluid. There was really no room in my pants for my stiff cock that was about to explode, and she saw that. In a quick movement she pulled down my swimming trunks, and my dick jumped into freedom. So, she said, it needed some attention, and then started pulling me off. She bent down and took my dick in her mouth. With her tongue she turned around my cock, I indicated that I was going to spray, she shook of no and held my cock in her mouth. I couldn’t hold it anymore, I sprayed her whole mouth full of sperm. She looked at me and said, now I’m licking it clean. Again that tongue, I got another stiff one. Now you have to fuck me and preferably as hard as possible,… She lay down on the garden table and spread her legs. But first you have to lick me, because I sucked you too. I started licking, had never done it before and I didn’t like the idea to stick my tongue in a pussy. But she tasted a lot less dirty than I expected, I even liked it.

Now I fucked her, and I took my stiff cock in my hand and pushed it against her wet pussy. She helped me in, I thought I was going crazy, fucking my own young sister, I grabbed her tits and squeezed the nipples. I was about to get ready, but Iris came ready and she tightened hate pussy around my dick that was deep inside her. I started to get ready, and that’s when our step-parents came into the garden. We were startled and I pulled my cock out of my sister’s pussy, yet I sprayed a ray of sperm onto the lawn. There I was, naked with a half stiff and my sister was still lying wide on the garden table. They had been watching for ten minutes, we only heard later. But I don’t think they have a problem with it, my sister and I have agreed that we will have a good time tomorrow.

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Author: James Tomkins

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