During a café visit on a Saturday evening in our town, we unexpectedly met a former colleague of my husband, whom we had not seen for more than 10 years. He had to be somewhere nearby and grabbed a nightcap before heading back home. It was a warm reunion and with some drinks we were soon in a cheerful mood. I had never had anything with him, but this time it seemed to be something else. In no time he was already having sex with me and repeatedly stroked my legs under the table. Then some friends of my husband came in, sat down at a table next to us and after half an hour they got back on the train. “We are going to the opening of a new pub, are you coming?” My husband was in conflict for a moment and said to me “I’m going with them, will you stay with our friend for a while”? And the couple disappeared. Our friend meanwhile started to lose his inhibitions more and more and fidget with me. I saw a few people who knew me look strange. “Let’s go home, and then I won’t have to go alone on the street.”

At home I poured some for us and sat down on the sofa next to him. Soon we were having sex with our clothes on. My bra was now unhooked. It felt pretty good, especially playing with my breasts, but I actually had no intention of continuing. That wild time was now over when I was fifty, I thought. Suddenly my husband came in from behind. He had noticed us before we saw him. “Lie quietly. I’ve had a sheet of beer all over me and I’m coming to put on dry stuff. ” Yes, there was no point in shooting upright and so we stayed there. Moments later he entered in dry clothes. He took a chair and sat down next to the sofa. He started talking to us about cows and calves. I actually felt a bit uncomfortable and I think my lover too. “Go on quietly, what you were doing,” my husband said. But that didn’t work out very well in this situation. My husband noticed that. “Wouldn’t you like to do it with my wife? She has a lovely pussy! ”. Our friend could hardly deny that he would like to do me with me. So he said “Yes”. My husband then said, “Baby, stand up for a minute and we’ll take your pants off.” It really started to itch for me: what an unexpected adventure!

I got up well and both men took off my jeans and my panties. Then I was put on the couch, my husband already spread my legs and said “Come on, old buddy, put it in. Our friend unbuttoned his pants and took out his stiff penis. He crawled on me and slid his long, slender cock inside. He put his pants down a bit, but he kept them on, a kind of embarrassment, I suspect. But I could now easily stroke his buttocks. He turned out to be a calm, very persistent fucker. I had seldom seen anyone go on for so long without getting off. My husband had now returned to his seat, meanwhile talking mainly with his buddy about the good old days. It was really bizarre: a guy was fucking me quietly and nice and in the meantime just talked to my husband. It was especially the tension of this unusual situation that increasingly excited me. After fifteen minutes I stopped and I came, whimpering like a young dog. My lover stopped for a moment to calm me down and then continued quietly. For the first time my husband said something about the event with pride in his voice “And did I say too much? Isn’t she good? ”

When my husband went to get a drink a little later, my lover asked “Can I cum in you like this. I really have to go home now. ” I squeezed his buttocks as confirmation and he started to increase his pace. My husband, still with his glasses in his hand, stopped to see how suddenly things were going. Suddenly, my lover pushed his young master to the maximum and injected his sperm deep into me. “I really have to run, people,” and he put his dick back in his pants. My husband escorted him to the outside door and motioned for me to lie down. When he came back, he took off his clothes and said “It was always a fantasy of mine to see you fuck and then cum in your full pussy yourself. But I never found a suitable guy or a suitable situation. This time it worked perfectly ”. Yes, then you could expect him to dive into my leaky, but still quite full pussy. And that happened then. It was a short but very hard turn, I couldn’t hold it anymore and came whining again and promptly my husband sprayed his sperm inside. I enjoyed a while on the sofa, my pussy moving spastically, which my husband found a very exciting face. I was also a bit proud with two little guys from different men in my pussy.

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