After the somewhat disappointing date with René last Wednesday, yes you would say, you are still nicely fucked, correct but I am more of a bit more extensive sex, and I did not like the way I did. Anyway he promised to make it up. So I just waited. But I got a message on Friday evening with the message to keep Saturday night free, because he had a surprise for me. Okay I replied, “I’ll go out with colleagues tomorrow night.” Good excuse he said. What are we going to do I asked. You will see that automatically tomorrow, I got the answer. Do know that it takes all evening.

Well, we met at the bus station, where he went to pick me up at half past seven. So I was there on time, a quarter past seven… And only a few minutes later, René already drove there, in his big audi station. I got into his car and immediately noticed the picture of his family taped to the dashboard. Nice car, I said. Lease car he said. After some talk about the car and the addition etc. I was actually very curious what we were going to do. Surprise, he said again, but I’m sure you’re going to enjoy tonight. Hmm wonder. We are not going to a swingers club. No he said. I know that he and his wife have regularly visited one. He once told me that during one of our chat sessions, and he found out that he is bi. He is very fond of male asses, and has been fucking a man there for the first time, he said. But I only seem to be the first guy he barebacked. How far is the drive I asked, he pointed to the screen of his board computer, where I indeed could see in a small corner in the screen that the arrival time was 20.25, and another hundred kilometers. Be patient, he said, putting his hand on my thigh. I took his hand and pulled his hand to my mouth and took his fingers in my mouth. Hey horny guy, he said. Yes I am, I replied. Patience he said again. Believe me, it will be worth the wait. Anyway, after a “too” long drive on the highway, he took the exit just before a big city. I looked at the screen again and saw that it was only a few minutes drive away, we had overtaken five minutes. Driving off the highway we eventually came to a small paved road. I saw a house surrounded by woodland surrounded by open meadows. When I got there I saw that there were several cars. René also parked his audi on the side of the road. We’re there, he said. Okay, I didn’t know what was going to happen here. But suddenly I became very nervous, even started to tremble a little and my heart was beating in my throat. Wait a minute, I said, when René wanted to get out. What is it, he asked, don’t you dare? Yes, if you say that it is good, even if you like, but be a bit nervous. Nothing to worry about, he said, let everything come to you.

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