When the holiday started, I received a message from my niece Noor. She wanted to visit for several weeks as she had no vacation plans. No problem, because Wouter, Lien and I also had a holiday but also no real plans to leave. A few days later Lien arrived and I picked her up at the station.

When the four of us had a nice dinner in the evening it was raining cats and dogs outside. “We’ll have to have fun inside tonight,” said Lien. “That’s right,” said Noor. “Otherwise I know something nice,” said Wouter. “Ah yes” I asked? “Yes,” he replied. “Wouter, what can that be?” Noor asked. “The three of us is fun, the celebration is even more fun,” Wouter said hesitantly. Lien did not fall for her mouth and answered “would you like to again”. “Of course” replied Wouter with a big smile on his face. It soon became clear that it would be a game night. Noor also agreed and asked Wouter not to cum in her pussy. He promised to keep to that. I also agreed but instructed him to do the dishes first, all by himself. He didn’t mind that much. While he started with that, Lien, Noor and myself retired to our bedroom. We undressed and put on our spiciest lingerie especially for Wouter.

When Wouter finished the dishes he hurried to the bedroom with pants full of meaning. He opened the door and saw the three of us lying on the bed in lingerie. “Phew, how sexy” he sighed. He took the time to feed his eyes and looked frozen. Then I asked him to come to us. Without a doubt we took hold of his shirt and opened his shirt buttons. Wouter took my neck and started kissing me. Meanwhile, Lien and Noor took off his shirt. I took his belt and loosened it. In the meantime we continued to kiss. Soon Wouter briefly touched my panties to see if I was already wet. Then he opened my bra and immediately paid attention to my breasts. He squeezed it gently and sucked my nipples. Meanwhile, Lien released Noor’s bra and when it was out, Wouter suddenly took Lien. With one hand he took her by the jaw, with the other he felt her panties. He also chatted her pussy a few times to make her horny. I helped him and my hand disappeared into her panties looking for her clit. I massaged the clit while Wouter kisses her. Then he put three fingers in her throat while Noor tried again to loosen Wouter’s belt. I stopped massaging her pussy and took off her bra after which her breasts emerged. Wouter was very excited. He also licked her nipples and played with her breasts until it was time to take care of Noor. She started to kiss him softly and he followed. Meanwhile I helped to take off Lien’s panties.

While Noor kissed with Wouter, her hand also disappeared under the boxer shorts. His penis was probably already hard, but only Noor could know that. I would then lick Lien’s feet. she enjoyed this very much. Then it is Wouter’s turn to play with her clit with Noor. His hand quickly finds its way and Noor is now moaning softly. Then everyone undresses while we look at each other teasingly. Lien is the first to lie down on the bed, Wouter pushes her legs open and starts licking her pussy. Noor and I sit down next to Lien. His tongue snakes its way through her pussy. Meanwhile I lick one breast and Noor licks the other. He loves her until Noor takes over that task. Then Wouter asks me to keep Noor’s ass open so that he can reach her pussy better with his tongue. Her asterisk also undergoes a lick. We continue like this. In the meantime I adopt a different position so that I can put a finger in Noor’s pussy. She moans while still eating Lien.

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