Now that it is holiday time, I still remember a horny holiday with my brother and sister-in-law. Yes, I speak here of sister-in-law, because the treasure was still young; 18, but ripe as a pear, while my brother is not older, but a dry first class. Fia, her name was Nick, We Alma and I Henny, were already in their thirties and dyed in the wool. Alma was therefore always on the lookout for something new, you understand me. “That keeps me horny, Henny,” she used to say when she had herself fucked again by a strange man, preferably boys, because Alma, like me, loved young men in her cave and I liked to put him in a tight pussy.

We were going on vacation and the night before, Fia asks, in her sweetest voice, “Could we come with you?”. For me it was no objection and for Alma I decided and said. “Okay, tomorrow we leave for a camping in the Ardennes at 8 am”, She flies me around my neck and kisses me ten times, the last one the longest, she sticks to my lips. Yes you guessed it, an erection could not fail and I press her firmly so that she should feel it. And Fia’s hand drops and kneads my erect penis, turns around and just says “8:00 tomorrow, bye.” That promises something, I chuckle. I tell Alma and she is also surprised. Well then I will defrost that quiet brother of yours, because you have long been horny for Fia, can be a nice holiday. We had rented a two bedroom cottage so it was no problem, 2 extra people.

Then the time has come, at the stroke of 8 o’clock we drive towards the Ardennes, drink coffee on the way and at half past eleven we drive to the resort and at 12 o’clock we are ready. Toured around in the afternoon and then the evening is spent, sitting outside for a long time, beer, wine, you can do that, PASSING too, Then Fia says, “Henny I have to go if necessary, but will we walk to the toilet at the adjacent camping hears ”, Alma, looks at me and just winks,“ Yes go ”. We walk in the direction of Toilets and she puts an arm in my arms, “Nice Henny, so together, I pee or walk into the forest and pee there, that is also possible”. And without saying anything she walks down the path and sits down behind a tall bush, “Come on, you too, because you will have to too”, I follow her, and she is squatting down, with her panties off and a a lot of splashing on the dry moss. “Stand next to me and I can steer.” I got so horny that I stand next to her, Fia already had my pants loose and sat with my Cock in her hair, “I’ll go first” and she takes it in her mouth, “So that’s clean , pee ”She stands up, kicks the panties wildly and stands wide-legged in front of me and focuses my beam on her pussy. “This is horny, brother-in-law, pissing pussies against a girl”. A few more flops and I’m pissed out, but I’m standing there with a huge erection. Fia had counted on that, she turns her ass towards me, brings me hard for her pee and with one push, I am firmly in my sister-in-law. Then I give her cotton and completely rag her small vaginate and promptly, I cum in the tight pussy. “Hey, Henny, you are doing better than Nick” and again the slut hangs on my lips.

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