My husband and I went out for a carnival. Three horny men, who already had quite a bit, I was touched a few times intimately in the last pub, but I was also in a horny mood and I had little trouble with it. We went home at about two o’clock. There I came to the conclusion that I had left my purse on the bar with some small money and coupons. “That will come tomorrow,” said my husband. But I saw my chance “You should go to bed. I’ll be right back”.

Loud shouting from the men, when suddenly I turned up again alone in the tavern. “I’m just coming to pick up my purse and I’m back in awe.” They insisted that the three of them take me home. When we reached the path along the hedge of our backyard, all three wanted to make love to me. That was quite nice and how it is possible, it is possible: after a few minutes I already lost my bra. Yes, you just have dexterous figures. I didn’t want to take three tipsy guys inside. But after some discussion we came up with a new horny party game. We would take someone home in turn and he could make love to me there. The others were only allowed to watch. I would be brought home last. So we went to the house of number 1 with a bit of a laugh. After we had sex, the inevitable question arose: where can we actually fuck? The temperature was so close to freezing and I had no one to stand with my bare back against an icy wall. Now there was a parking lot near his house. Apparently the most experienced guy, walked past the hoods and felt which one was still warm. And yes, he found one. Number 1 put his coat on top. The other two took off my jeans and my panties together and I lay on my back on the hood. My 1st lover dropped his pants and underpants to his knees and crawled on top of me. I was pretty excited already and he slipped in flawlessly. Soon he started bawling like a madman, encouraged by the other two. After about 10 minutes he raised his upper body, leaning on his hands and with a firm thrust, he penetrated me to the maximum and came moaning. To my own surprise (I normally need a bit more time) I didn’t keep it and came softly whining. Laughing applause from the other two for our performance. They also helped me neatly in my panties and pants.

With two more men on to the house of the second. Fortunately, it had an estate car and when the rear seats were folded forward, there was enough space to lie there. We thought it was stupid if one had to stay outside, so we decided to put the three of us in the car. After the men took off my pants and wet panties, I lay on my side. Number 3 was not his turn and he lay on his side towards me, so he could kiss and fidget. My 2nd lover took off his pants and underpants and crouched behind me and soon I felt him slide in. His hands slid under my keel and played with my breasts. The other man kissed me and licked my earlobes. It was really good. Unfortunately, this lover could not hold out for long and after a few minutes he shot his load inside. When I got dressed, I put my farmer’s handkerchief in my panties to catch the leaking sperm.

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