My One-time Aunt

My predilection for the chubbier woman comes from a few years back, an Aunt of mine is such a woman, (where I was a lot as a child because my parents worked), sturdy maybe a bit too fat, but a cozy woman where I visited at least 2 or 3 times a week, a cozy warm person always in for an oblique joke or remark, this certainly not if there were others with me. The next thing happened.

In the beginning of the evening my mother had dinner at my Auntie Aal’s place, it was warm so lightly dressed through her blouse I saw her bra with her tits, I sat against her and noticed that I was rather absent with my thought, and made a remark, what are you staring at, that attacked me but could say to your breasts that they are trapped and should be released, You can’t think of anything else, she says back, later in the kitchen when cleaning the dishwasher I grab her by the breasts, she grabs my head and press my head against her tits, so better is her remark, I answer quickly with no they are not free, she sits on the couch and as it happened more often we are a bit frolicking, nothing special on her part, but I find this exciting, I touch her breasts, as she says ; now I’m fed up with you, open her blouse and put her hand in the bra and put out a breast, so now you see it, for a moment I’m upset but get a hold of myself and say there should be two, also number two comes out, in my pants my cock has been stiff for a while, But now it was a stand that stood on jumping, she grabs my head again and pushes it between her tits, a lovely soft feeling of breasts on each side of my head, I take the chance to grab a tit, soft yet firm it feels, Auntie sits down and her eye falls oh my crotch and squeezes it gently, I feel how her hand touches my crotch, and she says, you’re really horny your cock is stiff, her tits are still hanging out of her bra, she opens my pants and stops my stiff cock coming out her eyes I see getting bigger, and she says, you’re joking what a club that, the head of my dick is wet from my own precum, auntie starts a bite you play with my dick, which is a wonderful feeling that a woman’s hand to my cock.

Aunt takes off her blouse and takes off her underpants and sits down wide leg in front of me, carefully put it inside me, but carefully the head of my cock makes her labia go apart, I try to push my cock inside, Auntie grabs my cock and makes my dick go into her wet and wet groove, I push harder and aunt puts on big eyes and out of her mouth comes a sound of excitement, I quickly go back and forth my cock in it and with every punch she says calmly, even before that aunt comes, I squirt my sperm in her pussy, I get my cock out of her pussy and slowly see my sperm coming out of hate pussy, my cock is still standing up stiff, aunt gets up and says, take off your clothes and that I have to sit down on the couch she takes off her clothes and sits on me with her face towards me, she sits wide on me and pushes my cock back into her wet pussy, slowly she lets it slide inside, Her mouth makes a sound of half pain and pleasure, deeper my cock goes inside I got the feeling that my cock is hitting something and every time a sigh comes out of her mouth she grabs my hands and puts them on her bulky breasts, stay still, her tits feel nice and soft on her nipples are stiff, now auntie comes but she keeps going, her face turns red, she stops for a moment and goes on again now she goes up and down her tits dancing in the free air from left to right a little faster, from top to bottom in the rhythm of her movements, I feel the seed coming from my balls into my cock and make its way out through my glans into her pussy, aunt comes ready and drops forward against me, my face between her tits, that’s not fucking in and ready, your cock is big I was scared for a moment that I couldn’t have it, after we got dressed I went home. I’ve been thinking about this for days, a disadvantage I can’t boast to nobody that I fucked my aunt or an older woman.

Author: James Tomkins

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