Sex with my niece

I am a boy and I am 19 years old I have a cousin of 26. My cousin has a husband of 30 and are happily married. Last year my cousin was pregnant she has a nice body, a nice ass but especially good tits.

But when she was pregnant she took a bath and was washing herself. When I came upstairs to grab something I heard that and went to have a look. The door was ajar and she peeked inside and she was shaving her pussy. Here I got very horny I decided to pull myself off and quickly take some pictures.

Now 1 year later she has her baby and she is very happy. My aunt had set up the pool it’s a pretty big and deep pool. My cousin was wearing a bathing suit the first time so you didn’t see her tits very well. But yesterday she was wearing a bikini but maybe it was a little too small. We went for a swim and my cousin jumped off the diving board first and then I went after it. We did some more swimming. Then my cousin lay down on an air mattress but that was a bit more difficult than I thought so her bikini went down a bit and I saw her stiff nipple. She didn’t even notice it and I didn’t say anything because it was a lovely sight. I immediately got a stiff one and tried to hide it. Then she wanted to get out but I stopped her so she couldn’t get out to enjoy her nipple. When she really wanted to get out she jumped up against me and I felt her nipple against my body. But my hard-on bumped into her. Moments later when we sat outside at the table and said what was reading, everyone went inside. There were only two of us left. Then she asked if I liked swimming I said “very nice” she said “yes I thought so when I asked her how so she thought. Then she said that she really understood that her nipple was hanging out and that I was looking at it the whole time. And she had also felt my stiffness and last year she also noticed that I was taking pictures. Then she said if that is what you want to go for a swim tonight she said with a wink. When it was evening and everyone had eaten and sat down in the living room my cousin asked if I would come for a swim with her and she smiled. Of course I said nice. When I was in the pool she walked in another very sexy bikini. She came into the jet pool and sat down next to me. She put her hand on my cock which immediately became rock hard and said this is what you wanted. She said make my bikini but I loosened it and 2 big tits jumped out. I held her tits and sucked them while she pulled me off. When she said you want to take off my panties I didn’t hesitate for a moment and took off her panties.

She sat a little higher so her pussy came up. First I fingered her then I started licking her and she moaned it out. Then she wanted to give me a blowjob so I lay down and said she sat on me and started to give me a blowjob. When I almost came she asked me to keep it for a while and leave it in her pussy. I said of course I’ll give you a full blowjob. She sat on top of my cock and let it slide in slowly. It was great I grabbed her tits and slowly started bumping faster and harder. She moaned really hard and was super horny. Then we went doggy I put her on the edge of the pool and fucked her super deep. Then I almost finished she cried rock hard yeah sweetheart come into me, come into my pussy, leave it behind, spray me all full I did it and squirted everything into her. Then I fingered her and we swam a little bit further. Then we took a shower together.

Author: James Tomkins

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