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I am Evelien, 26 and have an advertising agency in the west of NL. Consciously single and probably will stay that way. I’m with my 1.60 and 48 kg not big and pretty thin built. But with my long red hair and A-cup I am quite satisfied with myself. Born and raised in the middle of NL and raised as an only child in a well-to-do family. My parents weren’t rich, but I didn’t lack anything. We had a detached house with a large barn behind the house of which my dad had decorated the back as a kind of pub. Here they regularly gave a party and my birthday was celebrated here as well.

When I was about 12 years old I found out that my parents had an active and rich sex life. I slept in the attic and my parents’ bedroom was built on the first floor between the house and the barn. My parents both had jobs and were not at home during the day. One day I came home from school a few hours earlier due to classes dropping out. When I got home, my mother’s car was parked in the driveway. I wanted to surprise my mother that I was already home and walked in softly. There I heard a lot of panting and groaning coming out of the bedroom. I quietly snuck to the back and there my mother was, naked on the bed, playing with a, which I later found out, big tarzan. As she hadn’t assumed that I would be home by now, the door was half open and I could secretly follow the spectacle. It was very exciting and I remember it warmed me up. At that time I had already fiddled and felt a bit, but no more than that. My mother was turning on the bed and went in and out of her pussy with her tarzan and she came to a climax quite loud. When she had finished I left the house quietly and came back half an hour later. Mom was then dressed and sat at her desk.

From that moment on my life changed. My parents’ bedroom became very important to me. In the following days, when I came home from school, I immediately went to my parents’ room. As I said, my father was never home during the day and my mother worked 4 days a week at a notary’s office. I turned the bedroom inside out. And in the course of the months I changed from an ignorant girl to a sex-hungry horny girl. I tried all dildos, art cocks, vibrators and tarzans. Ten times I finished while watching the porn dvd’s and deflowered myself as well. I loved it. Also at night I used to sneak up to my parents’ room and hear them fucking each other while I was standing in the hallway fingering.

Meanwhile, I also looked at boys very differently and started to find them interesting. My breasts started to grow a little bit and became more sensitive. Meanwhile I was on the pill and played with myself every day. For about 2 years I kept this up until my parents had another party in the pub in the barn. This was nothing new, I knew most of the people who came and I always helped behind the bar. But around 12 o’clock I always had to go to bed, like I do now.

Author: James Tomkins

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